Mission Statement

Paws + Positivity

Mission Statement

The Cafe’s Mission

To create a stress-free and happy community.- Pawsitive Founder

We have all experienced feelings of stress or anxiety on some level, impacting our mental health. Here at Pawsitive Café, we want to create awareness around mental health and increase positivity, alongside our furry friends. The café’s aim is to raise awareness surrounding mental health and well-being. According to the Labour Force Survey, in 2016/17 there were 526,000 people who suffered from depression, anxiety or work-stress in the UK.

Our founder believes that dogs are a source of joy and happiness. They give unconditional love, social support and motivation to their owners. With this in mind, we believe that our pets should receive the same level of love, care and support to bridge a stronger connection between people and their pets.

Our mission is to encourage the community to improve their mental health and well-being by engaging in our therapeutic activities. Pawsitive Café is not only here to offer our customers a cup of coffee but to also help them set their mind free of daily stresses, whilst enjoying together with the company of furry friends. We are also hosting charity events where proceeds made goes to our selected charity partners.

Improving our mental health will lead to a healthier and also more fulfilling lifestyle.

We hope that every customer leaves the café with a PAWsitive experience!

– Pawsitive Founder

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