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Mental Health

Pawsitive Cafe was setup with Mental Health in mind.

“Dogs give social support and motivation to their owners.”

We all have mental health and this may sometimes lead to feelings of stress or anxiety on some level. The above quote from our founder shows how company from animals may help to reduce such feelings.

At Pawsitive Cafe, we want to create awareness around mental health and increase positivity alongside our furry friends. Our goal is to ensure every customer exits our cafe feeling uplifted, regardless of the reason for their visit.

Our Research

Research presents a strong relationship between animals and mental health. According to The Mental Health Foundation, “the companionship that a pet offers is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress.” They found that dogs offer a sense of security and make one feel wanted and needed and we couldn’t agree more. Dogs also boost self-confidence as they never criticise, and offer an unconditional type of love.

A recent Guardian article refers to “a magic effect” created by dogs. It explains how interaction with pets triggers a similar reaction in the brain as the bond created between parents and babies. The social support they offer leads to reduced feelings of loneliness and depression.

Just like humans, dogs also sometimes feel stressed, sad or overwhelmed. Whilst we can take measures to unwind and boost our mood, dogs can’t access the same tools for relaxing so easily. This is why as pet owners, it’s really important that we are aware of our animal’s state of mind.

Why it’s Important to Us

Whilst we are all working hard to give our pets the best treatment we can, we believe at Pawsitive that every pet owner has once asked themselves “what else can I do for my dog, my baby?” This very question is what has inspired the idea for Pawsitive Cafe. We want to do more for the animals, by assisting all pet owners in showing love to their pets.
One way we can all offer our furry friends more love is by making their diet extra special. After all the love our dogs show us, they deserve more than just canned food from a supermarket. Just like us, they are worthy of having a delicious plated meal that looks and smells great. This belief has inspired the dog menu *insert link* at Pawsitive Cafe, which will feature dishes including pancakes, chicken rice and egg bowls.
At Pawsitive, we strongly believe animals are a key factor in helping to improve mental health and can be a form of offering therapy. Our aim is to create a community where humans and dogs can come together to support each other and those around them. Pawsitive will be an environment where our customers can unwind and feel mindful after a long day at work. In the near future, we will be introducing some therapeutic activities.

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House Rules

Rule #1

Please wash or sanitise your hands at the hygiene station prepared for you.

Rule #2

Ask all owners for permission before approaching their pets.

Rule #3

Do not feed any pets with any kind of human food or animal treats from elsewhere. If you wish to feed the pets, you may ask a staff member for advice.

Rule #4

Do not leave your dog unattended for any length of time. You may ask a staff member for assistance if necessary.

Rule #5

Please clean up after your pet. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up after their pet. Feel free to use the cleaning kit prepared at the hygiene station.

Rule #6

Avoid flash photography towards all animals.

Rule #7

We please ask that your dogs do not climb onto the furniture. We have designed a cubby hole for them to cozy in.

Rule #8

Lastly, come in and enjoy your visit with your furry friends.

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