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How It All Began...​

“My dog is not just my dog. My dog is my happiness, my inspiration, my sanity and my world.”
– Pawsitive Founder
Welcome to Pawsitive Café, where we want to share our love for dogs, and some tasty treats with you whilst tackling mental health.
Dogs have always held a special place in our owner’s heart, who has had a personal relationship with them. To her, dogs symbolise love, happiness and sanity. She has owned dogs since she was a young girl and had seven dogs in her home growing up. Since adulthood, our owner has continued her love for dogs and now has a Dalmatian dog named Domino.
“Domino is my everything. There are no words to describe our love for each other.”
– Pawsitive Founder

The idea of Pawsitive originated from building a unique business idea for an Innovation university assignment, undertaken by our owner. Her assignment was to create a business plan and strategic plan with a unique value proposition. For our owner, this was inspired by a passion for mental well-being which she combined with her love for dogs and; through therapeutic and creative activities. This was the perfect combination with dogs, and mental health as they can provide emotional support, and a source of therapy.

Whilst there are lots of tools available online for mental health, for instance, online forums and pages, the purpose of Pawsitive was to act as a physical outlet and not just a virtual source of encouragement. Our owner set out to create a place people can visit to physically improve mental health challenges, such as stress and anxiety. Her vision was a place where people can be surrounded by dogs and feel a sense of calm.
At the time, no other cafe in London offered a specific dog menu. The purpose of Pawsitive was to fill this gap, whilst prioritising mental health. After successfully completing the assignment, our owner was approached by her tutor who congratulated her on the originality of her work and suggested she consider selling her business idea. Her tutor’s supportive words gave her the confidence to believe she could make her dream of bringing physical awareness to mental health come true. It was this motivation that led to the launch of Pawsitive Cafe! Almost every corner of Pawsitive; interior, colours, reflects her inspiration and motivation.

Join us in our journey of spreading positivity and delicious dishes. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter, and follow our socials to hear the latest from us.

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House Rules

Rule #1

Please wash or sanitise your hands at the hygiene station prepared for you.

Rule #2

Ask all owners for permission before approaching their pets.

Rule #3

Do not feed any pets with any kind of human food or animal treats from elsewhere. If you wish to feed the pets, you may ask a staff member for advice.

Rule #4

Do not leave your dog unattended for any length of time. You may ask a staff member for assistance if necessary.

Rule #5

Please clean up after your pet. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up after their pet. Feel free to use the cleaning kit prepared at the hygiene station.

Rule #6

Avoid flash photography towards all animals.

Rule #7

We please ask that your dogs do not climb onto the furniture. We have designed a cubby hole for them to cozy in.

Rule #8

Lastly, come in and enjoy your visit with your furry friends.

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